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Aakash Tanpure Vidyam Legal profile

Aakash Tanpure, serving in the Law industry, carries the dual responsibilities of Legal Admin and the Accounts department. With a tenure extending over five impressive years, he stands out as one of the longest-serving members dedicated to assisting the firm's partners. His daily operations involve a meticulous organization of administrative tasks and efficient handling of court work.

Aakash's vast expertise finds expression in his adept management of disputes and litigation across varied forums such as RERA, SDO, Consumer, MSEFC, and MSEDCL Tribunal. His acumen doesn't stop there; it extends to handling intricate revenue matters presented before the likes of Tahasildar Maval and Pune, as well as expertise in cases under Rent Control. Beyond the realm of litigation, Aakash demonstrates profound knowledge in legal documentation. His portfolio boasts registration of complex agreements like Sale Deeds, Deed of Conveyance, Deed of Apartment, and Deed of Declaration. He's also proficient in transitioning societies to Apartment Condominiums.

As a legal administrator, Aakash's aspirations revolve around continuously refining his understanding of the due process of law and scaling his skillset. From an administrative standpoint, his vision is clear: crafting an environment conducive for growth, allowing others to excel, learn, and achieve their utmost potential. His professional approach is deeply rooted in creating a safe space that promotes flourishing, learning, and the ultimate pursuit of career success.

Aakash Tanpure

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