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Amey Karmudi profile Vidyam legal

Amey Karmudi has obtained his degree in Bachelors in Arts and Law from Pune University in the year 2022. While pursuing his degree, he has gained thorough knowledge of civil litigation, arbitration, MSME disputes (micro, small and medium enterprises), requisition, contract drafting and negotiations, by interning with various group companies and senior advocate. He has also volunteered with Lok-Adalat by assisting various Hon’ble Judicial Magistrates of first class, Pune. He is fluent in English, Marathi, Hindi and Conversational Kannada. 


Amey Karmudi has in a short span of time fruitfully deployed his learning and expertise in various subjects such as MSMED Act, Arbitration and Conciliation. Maharashtra Co-op Soc., MAO, RERA, Contract Act, Specific Relief Act, Transfer of Property Act, Companies Act, Indian Penal Code along with CPC and CrPC. Driven by deep passion for advocating justice and equality for all, Amey believes that the pursuit of truth and fairness in every case is a fundamental responsibility of an Advocate. 


With unique blend of enthusiasm and fresh perspective, Amey strongly believes that to reach success, honing skills and tirelessly working towards the right principles and ideals is the only way to make meaningful impact in the world.

Amey Karmudi

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