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Rachna Dodeja Vidyam Legal profile

Rachna Dodeja has completed her Bachelor of Science, specialising in Botany from Garware College, Pune University. Upon graduation, Rachna decided to pursue a fulfilling and rewarding career in law by pursuing her Bachelor in law from Pune University. While pursuing her legal studies Rachna is honing her creative writing and drafting skills by passionately seeking and obtaining her Certification in “Writing That Sells”.

She stands out as a legal trainee at Vidyam (formerly known as UKP Legal), boasting a unique blend of administrative and legal acumen. With effectiveness in areas ranging from recruitment and HR management to client services and assisting in litigation matters and disputes, she has showcased her proficiency in organizing and administering day-to-day operations while adeptly handling court procedural work.

Accomplished in assisting with litigation proceedings, Rachna has undertaken substantial legal research and facilitated trial preparations on an array of cases. Aspiring to master the nuances of law, Rachna is driven by her passion for understanding client relations, the intricate processes of law, and excelling in litigation. Parallelly, as an administrator, she aims to cultivate a conducive workspace where every individual can harness their potential and achieve commendable professional growth. Believing in the essence of a safe space, Rachna is committed to fostering an environment where growth, learning, and success coalesce.

Rachna Dodeja
Legal Administration

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