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Ritu Mishra Vidyam Legal profile

Ritu Mishra with a Commerce degree from Mumbai University and a Legum Baccalaureus from Pune University, showcases an impressive academic journey. During her undergraduate tenure, Ritu made notable contributions to the National Social Service Activities, ascending to the leadership position of the NSS Camp and proudly representing her institution among 22 colleges. This journey includes an MBA specialising in Supply Chain Management from Welingkar Institute, Mumbai. Throughout her journey, her affinity for sports, her representation in "kabbadi" at intra-college competitions, participation in blood donation drives, moot court activities, and other social initiatives reflect her multifaceted personality.

Ritu's unwavering commitment to every role she's undertaken is palpable. As she navigates her current responsibilities at Vidyam (formerly known as UKP Legal), her aim is to harness her varied experiences, ensuring she contributes value while continuously enhancing her skill set. In every challenge or responsibility she assumes, Ritu sees an opportunity to learn, grow, and amplify her impact.

Ritu Mishra

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