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Rutuja Dhumal Vidyam Legal profile

Rutuja Dhumal, a B.A.LLB graduate has completed her law along with her Diploma in Drafting and Advocacy Skills from Pune University. Rutuja embarked on her legal career as an intern, and through her dedication and real-world exposure, she has risen to the position of an Associate. She has assisted in litigation proceedings, conducted extensive legal research, and assisted with trial preparation for various cases. She has provided assistance in litigation proceedings, undertaken rigorous legal research, and facilitated trial preparations for diverse cases. These cases predominantly concern matters of family law, cheque dishonour, real estate regulations, property disputes, commercial jurisprudence, as well as arbitration, conciliation proceedings, and mediation.

Rutuja's commitment to her profession is evident in her dedication to learning and growing within the firm. Her primary goal is to contribute meaningfully to the team and to expand her legal skills steadily. She appreciates the collaborative environment at the firm and believes in the power of teamwork to achieve client satisfaction. Each experience, challenge, or case she encounters is viewed as an opportunity to learn and further her understanding of the legal realm.

Rutuja Dhumal

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