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Siddhi Nadgir Associate Vidyam Legal Partner

Advocate Siddhi Nadgir has completed her Bachelors in Arts and Law and holds a diploma in Intellectual Property Rights. Her expertise is multifaceted, ranging from advising and analysing to drafting, negotiating and dispute resolution. She oversees joint venture transactions, acquisitions, requisitions, company restructuring, human resource operations, domestic and international vendor-supply transactions, commercial agreements, agency transactions, social media and content creation ventures and negotiations. Her unique interpretation coupled with her detailed execution are what make her an integral part of Vidyam.


Her experience predominantly encompasses of conducting and defending litigation disputes pertaining to civil law, employment (HR) and labour laws, dishonour of cheques and other negotiable instruments, criminal law, company law, trust and estate law, revenue litigation and execution proceedings. Further, she has also conducted various alternate dispute resolutions through arbitral tribunals, conciliation proceedings and mediations. Siddhi is primarily practising in Courts, Forums and Tribunals of Pune but also conducts litigation in Mumbai, Satara, Solapur and Kolhapur.


Known for her meticulous due diligence and steadfast commitment to law, Siddhi is deeply committed to broadening her professional connections, actively seeking avenues that amplify her knowledge and experience in the legal sector.

Siddhi Nadgir
Associate Partner

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